Niall St John

I'm a freelance web developer

Hello, my name is Niall St John and I am a Freelance Web Developer. I run my own web design company Social Panda in Greenwich, London. I specialise in Object Oriented PHP, MVC, HTML5, CSS3 and responsive web design. I like to work with the latest web technologies, and currently have been working on several HTML5 and CSS3 projects.

My work involves producing new, exciting and innovative websites, that deliver the most interactive and social solutions possible for clients.

I'm active on many social network platforms as this helps me to keep up with the fast-moving world of web design and development. One of the fascinating new trends is responsive design and as such have built this site to adapt dynamically to the device it is being viewed on. This allows users to view the site as it was intended, tailored specifically for each user.

I'm always keen to hear about new opportunities and projects so please do get in touch!

That's enough from me, thank you for taking the time to visit my site. Feel free to have a look around and send any and all feedback you may have to

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